Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Card and Tag Kit

Hello everyone. 
PJ Challenge has posted a very interesting challenge. The challenge is in two parts. The first part, due by September 30th, is to assemble a package based on a pre-set list.
  • 6 papers
  • 5 stamps
  • 4 inks
  • 3 embellishments
  • 2 ribbons, and
  • 1 drink of choice
Here are my items. Three of the papers are double sided, hence the almost identical pictures.
The second paper from the right is maroon (not brown).

From left, the double sided papers are 1, 3, and 6
You will notice 4 ribbons in the picture but I will only use two of the four. I didn't want to unravel one of them just for the sake of the picture.
My drink of choice is in the blue cylinder at the top left of the pictures. It recently changed to water, trying to become a little healthier and shed a few useless pounds.
Are you asking "so, what is part two of the challenge?" I would be happy to tell you. The second part, due November 1st, is to use the items in this package to make cards and tags. The goal is to use as much of the items as possible. To use every piece of paper until there is only paper dust left.
So if this challenge peeks your interest as it has mine, either join the challenge or come back in November to see what I have created.
Till then, happy crafting.

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